Updating artwork on iphone

19-Sep-2017 09:09

This simple trick comes from the folks over at Tooliphone, courtesy of their i Custom web app.✔ Geofence and movement notifications can alert you when someone moves or crosses a fenced area.

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In most cases i Tunes is displaying the artwork correctly, but when the users' devices are synced, the artwork does not transfer for all songs.

Rebuild i Tunes Music Library Though it is always good to own the latest version of i Tunes, however, sometimes updated i Tunes may corrupt i Tunes music library. Back up your i Tunes Media folder, (even though restoring i Tunes music library doesn't affect your media files, it is still best to backup the i Tunes Media files first) then quit i Tunes. Navigate to your i Tunes folder, (For Mac users, i Tunes folder can be found in Music on your home folder. Following are detailed steps to clean cache folder of i Tunes artwork album.

Under this circumstance, rebuilding i Tunes music library helps. For Windows users, the location could vary from each other, just search Music on whole computer, you can find the Music folder.) Make a copy of the two files: i Tunes and i Tunes Please find Music folder in i Tunes folder, delete it by moving it to the Trash Bin. Please mind that don't clean other folders for they may contain other useful items. Manually Add Album Artwork If neither methods above work for you, have a try to manually add album artwork. Get the detailed information on the track, search it on Google, download the album artwork to your computer. Go back to i Tunes, right click the track without album artwork, hit "Get Info", select Artwork Normally, i Tunes album artwork not showing on i Phone can be fixed by syncing with i Tunes.

All you have to do is open mobile Safari on your i OS device and visit There you’ll be presented with two options: create an empty space, or create a custom icon.

Use your mouse to click them and drag them into position, and use the mouse to drag their corners and resize them, if necessary, to make this possible.If i Tunes album artwork is showing on computer, then after syncing process, the i Tunes album artwork would be shown on i Phone.