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the doctor said it wasnt the drugs fault and it was just my symptoms returning. i have never had itching as an allergy symptom before. Oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl or Claritin can also be used.You should take a comfortably cool bath and wear smooth-textured cotton clothing.This slow progressive process is referred to as “chronic” kidney disease.Occasionally, previously healthy kidneys suffer sudden and massive damage (acute kidney disease) but this is less common.Dramamine has long been used for dogs with travel sickness.It’s fairly safe when properly dosed, but sometimes there are side effects.

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The body has more kidney tissue than it needs, so much may be lost before symptoms develop – and before blood tests show changes.The kidney regulates the amount of various salts (sodium and potassium, among others) within the body by moving smaller or larger amounts into the urine.Kidney disease may cause some of these to build up within the circulation making the animal ill and perpetuating the kidney damage.If the initial evaluation doesn’t identify a conclusive cause of the dog’s discomfort, the veterinarian probably will want to take a blood sample for routine blood work and a urine sample as well.

The complete blood count can indicate whether the dog is anemic or fighting some form of infection, and the serum biochemistry profile and urinalysis can help the veterinarian assess other potential causes of the dog’s distress, such as disorders of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, thyroid gland or adrenal glands.

i started taking zyrtec about 6 months ago for post nasal drip and watery eyes. i figured i would stop and see if my allergies were better. after 48 hour without zyrtec i start to itch everywhere.

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