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13-Aug-2017 08:24

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But at least "Take Me Out" has plenty of energy and camp; you can even picture (I did) viewers hooting at their TV set, or maybe throwing a half-eaten hot dog at it.

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If you go back, you’ll be dealing with the same stuff that drove you apart in the first place.” His co-star, Ryan Kwanten implores women not to open up too fast.

It’s good advice whether you’ve just begun dating someone – or you’re at a social function or work event – or even if you’re being interviewed, for a job, or by the press (think Megan Fox, TMI! Doubters may argue that, sure, super-hunks like Josh, Joe and Ryan may appreciate the chase – and feel manly in paying on dates, taking the lead, and deciphering the cues of the ravishing women they meet – but what about ordinary male mortals? Moreover, when you break rules by declaring undying love on date four, or jumping into bed, or picking up the tab, men may stick around for more adulation, sex, or free meals in the short term, but you’re just setting yourself up for a bigger fall in the long run.