Quentin tarantino dating lianne spiderbaby

03-Dec-2017 01:14

They discuss how current authors’ work seem to pale in comparison to the passionate novels of the past.

Kenneth disagrees with the assessment and makes a ,000 bet that he can write a book of the same caliber within 24 hours as long as he had a place with enough ambiance to motivate him.

What shocks me is when people try to stick up for the plagiariser; although nine times out of ten, these are usually fans of the writer, who don’t work within the industry, but there have been exceptions.

Tim Lucas, the editor of made a very premature statement supporting Spiderbaby when her plagiarism was discovered, which he was then forced to retract when it became clear that she had in fact, plagiarised the articles that she’d written for him too.

Her writing (and award-winning multimedia reviews, called “Fright Bytes”) has been in such respectable horror-oriented outlets as Fangoria Magazine, Fear Net, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Video Watchdog, Film Journal International, and Cineplex Canada, among others.You are only ever as good as your last article, you will only ever be as good as the best article that you have ever written.