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My 8-year-old son is very worried about Earth being destroyed by the sun when it becomes a red giant billions of years from now. They are deciduous and their leaves turn bronze in the autumn, but they don't fall off the tree.

I have tried to comfort him by suggesting we could shift Earth's orbit by hurling asteroids towards the planet on trajectories that will gradually move it away from the sun. Instead, they hang on until spring when other plants are putting out their new leaves.

Yet supermarkets sell a lot of chilled meals that include rice and these can have "use by" dates up to a week away.

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stripping down in the Rose Garden after a particularly strenuous mountain bike ride, for example -- the outrage would have been two-fold.

She is wearing a leather jacket and black boots, and dangling an almost-finished cigarette between her fingers.

Five years, because she bared her breasts in public once again.

I understand that the air temperature will be warmer, but why does the radiation feel more intense? My French granny says it is more hygienic to poo in a big hole in the garden, like she did when she was growing up, than it is to go inside. She also said that in olden days, people collected pee and used it to make plants grow better. An earlier question in The Last Word gave warnings about eating leftover rice.

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I have seen this advice before, saying it is not safe to keep cooked rice for more than a short time, even in the fridge.

And while DJing one event with an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme, Li Lo “got upset when she thought someone took her photo.